Gas Station Arts Centre

“In this world they are different kind of birds,

Birds that fly chasing the sunset,

Birds that they sing in the morning to welcome the sunrise,

Some birds are trapped in the cage they want freedom,

Some birds can fly some don’t,

Some birds don’t want to freedom, they prefer to be in a cage,

Some bird the like just to sit out on the tree and just sing and sing and sing….

What kind of bird are you?”.  -CN-

Cast & Crew


  • Casimiro Nhussi


  • Paula Blair
  • Hélène Le Moullec
  • Nicole Coppens
  • Robyn Thomson Kacki
  • Jessica Oliphant
  • Amara Conde
  • Julious Gambalan
  • Reymark Capacete (Student Dancer)


  • Jay Stoller
  • Dave Brown
  • Mpho Mambira
  • Roger Cloutier
  • Tim Church
  • Nick Kolisnyk
  • Kelly Leveille
  • Scott Maksymyk
  • Casimiro Nhussi
  • Damon Rondeau


  • Production & Stage Manager and Lighting Designer: Gabriel Cropley
  • Costume Design & Creation: Carla Oliphant


Join us for our largest event celebrating NAfro’s 20th Anniversay – November 1 to 5, 2022.

The Moving Inspirations Dance Festival and Symposium will be back November 1 to 5 – our 4th Edition of the festival.  This event will present dance works mainly of the African Diaspora and culturally diverse dance groups from across Canada & internationally as well as contemporary dance companies in Winnipeg. This multi-cultural Dance Festival will provide an opportunity to share, network, promote African, culturally diverse and contemporary dance art forms in Winnipeg. It will feature three gala presentation, master dance classes, dance classes for the public and an outreach component.

Stand by for more information on this exciting event!!