Gas Station Arts Centre -445 River Ave.


Life is about constant movement.

We are moving emotionally, mentally, intellectually, & physically.

Our emotions are in movement even when we are sleeping.

We are moving in the backyard, across the street, across the city, across the country & across the oceans.

Moving inspirations are a part of human life.

As humans, we are carrying emotions.

We are carrying emotions today, tomorrow & we will be carrying our emotions forever.

Why? Because living or dead, inspirations never stop. – CN –

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Cast & Crew

Thurs. Feb. 27 Showcase

  • Ray Stevenson (Winnipeg); NAfro Band (Winnipeg); Stephanie Ballard (Winnipeg); Kevin A Ormsby / KasheDance (Toronto); School of Contemporary Dancers (Winnipeg); Zab Maboungou/Nyata Nyata (Montreal); NAfro Dance (Winnipeg)

Fri. Feb. 28 Showcase

  • Ray Stevenson (Winnipeg); NAfro Band (Winnipeg); Roger Sinha/Sinha Dance (Montreal) Odette Heyn (Winnipeg); Zoloto Ukranian Dance Ensemble (Winnipeg); & Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet School,NAfro Dance (Winnipeg)

Sat. Feb 29 Showcase

  • Ray Stevenson (Winnipeg); NAfro Band (Winnipeg); Bolero Dance Theatre (Winnipeg); Pulga Muchochoma (Toronto); Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers (Winnipeg); Mikhail Morris/Original Venom (Vancouver); Amansu Eason (Wisconsin US) & NAfro Dance (Winnipeg)


Seventeen choreographic inspirations from across Canada & internationally…  Conversations between artists & the audience…  Dance master class led by renowned dance artists…   Live band music performances…  200 African hand drums for audience to play & interact with artists.

The Moving Inspirations Dance Festival is a small, short, & cozy gathering of dance makers of dancers of African, Culturally Diverse & Contemporary dance traditions from across Canada & Internationally.
It is an event intended to share, inspire & educate us & the audience about the art of dance in the contemporary world.


Here is the line-up for the three unique evening showcases being held at the Gas Station Arts Center.

Ray Stevenson (Winnipeg);

NAfro Band (Winnipeg);  Stephanie Ballard (Winnipeg);  Kevin A Ormsby / KasheDance (Toronto);  School of Contemporary Dancers  (Winnipeg);  Zab Maboungou/Nyata Nyata (Montreal);  NAfro Dance  (Winnipeg)


Ray Stevenson (Winnipeg);  NAfro Band (Winnipeg);  Roger Sinha/Sinha Dance (Montreal);  Odette Heyn / Projects  (Winnipeg);  Zoloto Ukkranian Dance Ensemble (Winnipeg);  Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School &  NAfro Dance (Winnipeg)


Ray Stevenson (Winnipeg);  NAfro Band  (Winnipeg);  Bolero Dance Theatre (Winnipeg);  Pulga Muchochoma   (Toronto);  Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers (Winnipeg);  Mikhail Morris/Original Venom  (Vancouver);  Ballet Creole (Toronto); Amansu Eason  (Wisconsin US) &  NAfro Dance  (Winnipeg)

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Festival Masterclasses & Workshops


at Drop In Dance Winnipeg  (1381 Portage Ave)

Moving Inspirations Dance Festival 2020 created & produced by NAfro Dance Productions will be presenting TWO WORKSHOPS open to all!

Please join us at Drop In Dance Winnipeg as two of our very exciting guest artists share their cutting edge styles, expertise & passion with you!

FRIDAY, FEB 28     5:30-6:30pm 

MIKHAIL ‘VENOM’ MORRIS Artistic Director of KETCH DI VYBZ based in Vancouver will be heating up Winnipeg with his self developed unique Jamaican Dancehall style! Mikhail’s classes are in high demand as he is a professionally trained dancer, choreographer & performer who is exceptionally skilled. Check him out on Instagram @venomaliance.  Note- Indoor runners are needed for this class.


SATURDAY, FEB 29    11am-12pm   

PULGA MUCHOCHOMA originally from Mozambique, Africa & now based in Toronto teaches a fusion of traditional African Dance & Contemporary/ Modern. Pulga dances professionally with Toronto Dance Theatre & continues to work with an impressive list of Canadian choreographers. Pulga is a sought after dancer & choreographer known to share ‘his great love of dance that radiates out of every pore of his body’!

We are SO pleased to be able to bring these GUEST ARTISTS into the studio with you! REGISTRATION will be done before class upon your arrival. Please leave yourself enough time to complete this & be able to enjoy the full class.

COST: $20 CASH per class 




at The School of Contemporary Dancers

Moving Inspirations Dance Festival 2020 created & produced by NAfro Dance Productions will be presenting TWO MASTERCLASSES open to professionals.

Please join us at The School of Contemporary Dancers as we partner with The School to experience the wealth of knowledge, creativity & inspiration that our guest teacher/artists are bringing to Winnipeg!

9:30-11am / FRI, Feb 28   –  ZAB MABOUNGOU is the founder & Artistic Director of the unique Contemporary Dance Company Zab Moboungou/ Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata from Montreal. A leader in her field in both creation & teaching she is recognized as a renowned teacher. Zab’s deep knowledge of rhythms based on traditional African Dance bring for her a new way of defining the art of Contemporary Dance. Zab Maboungou/Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata

Class accompanied by ELLI MILLER MABOUNGOU. Elli learned to drum before he could walk. Elli performs, accompanies & teaches professionally in Canada & abroad. He formed the Afro-Jazz group Jazzamboka who received the Stingray award at the 2017 Montreal International Jazz Festival. He continues to play for many well known Montreal bands.

11am-12:30pm / FRI, Feb 28   –   KEVIN ORMSBY founder & Artistic Director of KasheDance based in Toronto is known for his ‘virtuoso performances’ & extremely athletic & expressive choreography & style. His fusion of vocabularies creates a truly contemporary voice while while demanding technical brilliance.

We look forward to sharing this exciting opportunity with Winnipeg’s Professional Dance Community!