Gas Station Arts Centre 445 River Ave.

In order for human kind to move forward, we need to return to Mother Earth to reconnect with our humanity. And this it is the moment. It is the moment for healing, the moment to return to basics and rebuild our strength…slowly. CALL TO EARTH is a call for human kind to gather around the fire to sing and dance and build our strength so that we can move forward. It is a call to rejuvenate ourselves.

Call to Earth is a new collaborative dance work created by Casimiro Nhussi and Maritel Centurion. The two dance makers fuse together two of the world’s percussive and rhythmic dances-Flamenco and southern Africa’s Gumboot dances- into one unique dance work. Here is where the two culture meet and speak with one voice. This high energy and rhythmic dance piece includes a Flamenco singer and guitarist as well as African drumming. This dance work promises to be a memorable experience.

Cast & Crew


  • Helene LeMoullec Mancini, Nicole Coppens, Jessica Oliphante, Julious Gambalan, & Reymark Capacete (Student Dancer)


  • Jay Stoller, Onna Lou, Mpho Mambira, George Bjer-Koulack, Casimiro Nhussi, Dave Brown, Roger Cloutier, Tim Church, Nick Kolisnyk, Kelly Leveille, Amara Conde, Damon Rondeau, Scott Maksymyk.


  • Casimiro Nhussi & Maritel Centurion


MATOPE  (‘mud’ in Swahili language), is the spirit that comes from mud. This spirit comes at sunset to visit the villagers. It comes to announce the changes that nature will have to go through. It is a creation by NAfro’s Artistic Director Casimiro Nhussi.

This site-specific work is set on the river bank of the St. Norbert Arts Centre and will go on rain or shine, wind or mosquitos.

COVID19 Safe Event!