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Gas Station Arts Centre -445 River Ave.

How we present ourselves has a profound impact on our lives.
Wearing a suit & tie or killer heels or expensive sneakers makes us think & feel that we are in control… but are we really in control?
Having plastic surgery so that your selfie is perfect… hello! 
We often put ourselves under tremendous pressure to look a certain way… come on man! This pressure can cause a significant stress, creating health or mental health issues… we all know that. 
Should we be focusing our energy & money on our image? 
Should we sacrifice our health & well-being for our image?
How important is your image to you?_

Cast & Crew


  • Paula Blair, Hélène Le Moullec Mancini, Nicole Coppens, Robyn Thomson Kacki, Sale Almirante & Jessica Oliphant


  • Dave Brown, Roger Cloutier, Tim Church, Nick Kolisnyk, Kelly Leveille, Cam MacLean, Jay Stoller, Binasio Wani, Casimiro Nhussi

Lighting Design

  • Gabriel Cropley

The Image

New Dance Works by Casimiro Nhussi
March. 1,2, (8pm) 3 (2pm)at the Gas Station Arts Center

Tickets: $25 adults; $20 Students/Seniors; $15 children under 12

African Dance Workout (Feb. 2019)

African Dance Classes

with NAfro’s Artistic Director Casimiro Nhussi

Feb. 16 – April 6, 2019


Experienced 5 – 6pm

Beginner 6 – 7pm

Cost $120 for eight classes

To Register, come to NAfro Dance Center 15 min before start of class.

All classes held at NAfro Dance Center; 109 Pulford Street (2nd Floor of Augustine Church – side entrance; in Osborne Village)